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Eir. Chioti, D. Tsiafaki, A. Avramidou and N. Michailidou participated in the 8th Symposium of Thasian Studies held at Thasos on 12-14 October 2019. Eir. Chioti presented their paper  "AtticPOT: the c...

D. Tsiafaki, N. Michailidou and Eir. Chioti participated in the 3rd Pan-Hellenic Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage - EuroMed 2019 held at Athens on 25-27 September 2019. D. Tsiafaki presented th...

Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Eirini Chioti attended the discussion of the Greek Prime Minister with the Post-Doctoral Researchers and PhD Candidates of the H.F.R.I held in the NCSR "DEMOKRITOS" library...

The AtticPOT project kick-off meeting was held at the "Athena" Research Center in Xanthi on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. The members of the research group were assembled for the first time together as ...

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