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The "Athena"Research Center/ILSP Xanthi Branch invites you to a Workshop / Webinar entitled Attic pottery in ancient Thrace (6th-4th century BC): cases from Bulgaria and Turkey to be held on Monday,...

The paper of members of the AtticPOT team entitled "Old data new tools: 4th century lekythoi in ancient Thrace through AtticPOT" was successfully presented. The presentation from the project's princip...

The 1st Workshop / Webinar of AtticPOT entitled "Attic pottery in Aegean Thrace (6th-4th century BC)" was successfully completed on January 28th, 2021. More than 100 participants attended the online p...

The research project AtticPOT invites you to attend on 28/1/2021, 18:00-21:00 the 1st workshop/webinar of the project (in Greek), with the title 'Attic Pottery in Aegean Thrace (6th-4th c. BC)'. Peop...

An english presentation of AtticPOT and its goals has been published in the last volume of the Bulgarian e-Journal of Archaeology which was issued recently. The presentation is available online at htt...

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